Discover my designs of modern knit patterns for women, men and kids

You want to discover or perfect new techniques, learn new tips?

I offer you different shawls, seamless sweaters, hats for the whole family and other clothes that are easy to knit and wear.

Catalog of knit patterns

Shawl knitting patterns

Knit patterns of shawls of all shapes (triangular, enveloping, asymmetrical), learn new techniques (garter stitch, textured stitch, lace, twists) and have fun!

Hats and cowls knitting patterns

Knit hats of all shapes (classic, slouch, snood) and for the whole family.

Cardigans and sweaters knitting patterns

Knit modern and easy knit vest and sweater patterns and wear in all seasons.

About L’Ile Aux Fils

My name is Bérangère and I live in the North of France. I always saw my mom knitting and it was with her that I learned the basics of knitting as a child.

After a while without touching a needle, I started knitting again when my first child arrived, then discovered, thanks to internet and ravelry, the many possibilities to make the knitting more pleasant (by removing seams no example, a moment that many of us fear). I started to create my own patterns of shawls and clothes, nice to knit and easy to wear.

I want to share the well-being that brings a moment in the company of his needles by proposing patterns well explained. What happiness when a person tells me to have knitted his first shawl thanks to one of my patterns!

Enjoy !