Modele de tricot de bonnet smalt de lilofil

Fairisle and pompom to play with colors and do not be afraid to face winter!

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Modele de tricot de col gris de lin de lilofil
Gris de lin
 A lacy cowl to warm your winter.
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Modele de tricot de bonnet et col kallio de lilofil

Kallio it’s a hat and a cowl for all the family!
The hat and the cowl are worked in the round with circular needle.

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modèle de tricot skoli de lilofil

This Bandana cowl mixing lace, cables and patterned stitches is knitted from the bottom up. The side borders as well as the top of the cowl are nicely finished with an i-cord.

There are 2 buttons in the back to close the cowl, the large opening allows to put the cowl on without messing your hair already styled!

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Modele de tricot de bonnet et col Olmo de Lilofil

Olmo is the perfect hat and cowl to bundle in the winter.
Offered in different sizes and versions to keep the whole family warm.

The girl version of the hat is decorated with a button and a fake buttonhole, while the boy’s version is classic and discreet.

This hat has a slouch shape except for the child’s version.
As for the cowl you can knit the longer version with 3 buttons or the more classic short version.

You can create your favorite combination by mixing all the different possibilities.

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