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25% avec le code NOEL sur Kelias, un châle rayé avec des rangs raccourcis qui lui donnent sa forme et son originalité


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  1. rachel

    tu nous regales didonc….

  2. mireille95

    Je l ai déjà. Dommage. UN vrai plaisir a tricoter!

  3. Flo09

    Très beau ! J’aime beaucoup !

  4. Joelle de Belgiq

    Absolument …..magnifique !

  5. Elizabeth

    I sent you a message via Ravelry, but here it is as well:
    When a person clicks on the buy now button to purchase Kelias, they find that they’ve bought Smyrna instead! Sigh, I certainly think Smyra is lovely, but it isn’t the pattern I wanted to purchase. After that, I returned to the blog 2x to see if I was hallucinating, but no, Smyrna comes up when you click to buy Kelias. I wish I’d been more attentive the first time– I guess I did it so quickly and went to the payment page that I somehow didn’t notice anything wrong. I did contact Ravelry as well– perhaps it’s a problem with them.

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